Decorate your Tumblers, Tools, and Knives

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How To Electro Etch Tumblers, Tools, and Knives
Easy To Make Etching Machines and Stencils For Decorating Steel

Electro Etch

Electro Chemical Etching
Using low voltage electricity to mark or etch metal. AC will mark. DC will etch.

Etching Machine
You can etch with 3V DC and you can mark with 6V AC up to 30V. Using 12V 2A is good.

The stencil blocks electricity except where the artwork will etch.

Craft felt makes very good etching pads. Thick pads work for etching and marking. Thin pads are only for marking. They get gunky.

How To Guides
Church Key Etched

A test pattern testing etching

Fold the wire over, then crimp. attaching an alligator clip

Testing resistors Resistor

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